Guidelines for Evaluation and Research: Volume One

Health Disaster Management: Guidelines for Evaluation and Research introduces a structural framework for investigations into the medical and public health aspects of disasters including: a standardized, universal set of definitions; a conceptual model for disasters; indicators and standards; descriptions of 14 basic societal functions bound together by a coordination and control function; and a disaster response template and two research templates. The templates are to be used in the design, conduct, analysis, and reporting of research and/or evaluations of interventions directed at preventing hazards from becoming a disaster-producing event, mitigating the of such an event on the affected society, and/or responses to a disaster.

Volume One
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I. Introduction
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Methods Used for Evaluation and Research
II. Conceptual Framework
Chapter Three: Overview and Concepts
Chapter Four: Conceptual Model: Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability, and Damage
Chapter Five: Functions, Requirements, Supplies, Damage, and Needs
Chapter Six: Interventions, Effects, Outcomes, Benefits, and Costs
Chapter Seven: Responses, Relief, and Recovery
Chapter Eight: Ethical Issues
Glossary of Terminology

This work was supported in part by grants from the Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine and the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Key Words:
analysis catastrophe; data collection; definitions description of disaster; disaster; disaster management; disaster medicine disaster phases; disaster research; disaster responses; extrication; health consequences health status; injuries; interventions; measures of effectiveness; medical responses; morbidity; mortality; preparedness; needs assessment; public health; research; research design; research methods; risk evaluation; scope; template; type; Utstein style; warning

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