The World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine is a multidisciplinary professional association whose mission is the global improvement of prehospital and emergency health care, public health, and disaster health and preparedness.

WADEM will be a leading international organization recognized for working with partners to disseminate scientific evidence and best practices in prehospital and emergency health care, public health, and disaster health and preparedness and provide academic and evidence-based input into the development/review of relevant policies and educational programs.

Statement of Purpose
Underscoring a commitment to advance the frontier of disaster and emergency research, WADEM was created, originally as the Club of Mainz in 1976, to focus its members' expertise on the scientific investigation and improvement of disaster and emergency response. Its membership is open to physicians, nurses, administrators, behavioural scientists, emergency medical technicians and paramedics, public health, and other relevant experts in the field from all continents and cultures.

Ultimately, the organization exists to foster international collaboration in the application of knowledge gained from data collected through qualitative and quantitative research to develop strategies aimed at promoting all aspects of human health, decreasing susceptibility, and increasing resilience to future health disasters and emergencies. To this end, WADEM produces its own international, peer-reviewed journal, Prehospital and Disaster Medicinesponsors biennial World Congresses, and supports regional conferences of its affiliated societies and partner organizations.

The organization is inclusive, culturally sensitive, unbiased, ethical, and dynamic in its activities. While individual members are active in field operations, the organization remains non-operational, fulfilling its mission through:

The World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM) was originally founded as the Club of Mainz on October 2, 1976 with the goal of improving the worldwide delivery of prehospital and emergency care during everyday and mass disaster emergencies. The founding members were renowned researchers, practitioners and teachers of acute care medicine, who joined together to focus their energies on the scientific, educational, and clinical aspects of immediate care. Following the constant development of its scope and extension worldwide, and to better reflect its nature, the organization's name was changed to the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine.

While WADEM has grown over the years, the founding principles have remained the same. Its members continue to actively work to solve technical, scientific, and political problems surrounding the management of emergency incidents. Through their dedication, WADEM works to better provide pioneering solutions and meaningful change in our disaster-ridden world.

Organizational Structure
WADEM is a member-based professional association. Each individual member pays annual membership dues. The amount of the annual dues is based on the member’s annual income. The WADEM membership typically elects the Board of Directors at the biennial World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine. If a member is not present at the meeting for an in-person vote, he/she is able to vote by mail, fax, or email.  Board members serve for two-year terms, with a maximum of four terms. The Board of Directors, in turn, elects the Officers (President, Vice Presidents (3), Financial Officer, Secretary, President-Elect, and the Editor-in-Chief of Prehospital and Disaster Medicine). There is no requirement that an officer be a member of the Board of Directors.  All members of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors must be members of WADEM in good standing.

WADEM Bylaws
WADEM Bylaws